Anadune Border Collie Database

The Anadune Border Collie Database contains information on all forms of competition including show, obedience and agility. The database is intended to be an aid to all breeders and owners of Border Collies.

Dog Breeding

The Anadune breeding kennel started with Schnauzers, and has now been extended to include Border Collies. All of the dogs come from show lines, but as well as being shown in conformation, they compete in obedience, agility and herding trials.

IT Consultancy

Judita Preiss has produced a number of large and small scale programming solutions, in languages such as C, Perl, PHP/MySQL or Java.


We have a small flock of sheep that we train our own dogs on. We (currently very) occasionally run taster sessions or training lessons for others.

Animal Services

Judita Preiss has worked for the Blue Cross and is a fully qualified dog trainer (ADTB). As well as providing ultrasound and microchipping services to breeders, she gives dog training classes at local clubs and offers one-to-one training and behavioural advice.


Judita Preiss has handled a number of dogs in both conformation and agility, ranging from Border Collies, Belgian Sheepdogs to Corgis, or even Parson Russell Terriers.