Litter out of Wildblue Soulsearch At Anadune AW(B) (Fëa) by Anadune Dare To Dream (Dream) born 11 November 2014

Thirteen weeks and four days

Boy 3 visited his brother Finn.

Thirteen weeks and two days

Boy 3 has very nice focus: he was doing some very nice retrieves in the middle of a field full of dogs running about.

Thirteen weeks and one day

Thirteen weeks

Boy 3 making friends out on walk — he was showing off his great recall the entire time!

Twelve weeks and six days

Twelve weeks and five days

Boy 3 working out a memory trainer...

Ten weeks

Nine weeks and four days

A few photos of the pups investigating the agility equipment further (and playing tunnel chase!).

Nine weeks and three days

Nine weeks and two days

Nine weeks and one day

Boy 2 finally got his first training session — he tried very hard. A video of his training, followed by a tuggy game, can be viewed here.

Nine weeks

Eight weeks and six days

Vita (girl 1), Anadune Finnish Flash, and Jill (girl 2), Anadune Fait Accompli, in their new homes.

Eight weeks and five days

Another puppy leaving today: Jill (girl 2), Anadune Fait Accompli.

Eight weeks and four days

Vita, Anadune Finnish Flash (girl 1), getting ready to leave to go to her new home in Finland — she clearly really enjoyed her pre-leaving bath ;) And a photo of Sway, this time looking very cute in her winter clothes!

Eight weeks and two days

Photos of Sway, Anadune Ferrari Rose, all settled in in her new home.

Eight weeks and one day

Another puppy leaving to its new home — Finn (Anadune Fearless), who will be living on a farm with his own sheep :)

Eight weeks

Seven weeks and six days

Seven weeks and five days

The first puppy to leave, girl 3, now known as Sway (Anadune Ferrari Rose). Some photos of her below getting ready to leave — her bath and drying time :)

Seven weeks and four days

Seven weeks and three days

Seven weeks and two days

Seven weeks

A video of boy 3 having a little tuggy sessions can be viewed here.

Six weeks and six days

Six weeks and five days

Six weeks and four days

Six weeks and three days

Six weeks

Five weeks and six days

Five weeks and five days

Five weeks and four days

Five weeks and three days

Five weeks and two days

Five weeks and one day

Five weeks

We all went to the farm today! Unfortunately, the rain started coming down as soon as our dad (Dream) and our grandma (Eowyn) got the sheep in the barn for us, so we didn't end up having our photos taken :( But we still had a good time!

Four weeks and six days

Four weeks and five days

Four weeks and four days

Four weeks and three days

Four weeks and two days

Four weeks and one day

Four weeks

Three weeks and six days

Three weeks and five days

Three weeks and four days

Three weeks and three days

Three weeks and two days

Three weeks and one day

Three weeks

Two weeks and six days

Two weeks and five days

Two weeks and four days

Two weeks and three days

Two weeks and two days

Two weeks and one day

Showing off our shiny new eyes :)

Two weeks

One week and six days

One week and five days

One week and four days

One week and three days

One week and two days

One week and one day

One week

Six days

Five days

Four days

Three days

Two days

One day


Fëa's 6 puppies were born at a very sociable time of the day — between 7pm and quarter past 10. Photos below in order of appearance. Thanks to Philomena for her hands on help and Alison and Denise for their encouragement throughout!

Information about the litter

Parents (litter pedigree)

Fëa's and our Dream's 6 pups were born on the 11th November 2014 (unfortunately both Buffy and Fëa came in season at the same time, which was definitely not the original plan!). Both Dream and Fëa are very versatile dogs: Fëa is concentrating on her agility (she is currently grade 6) — a video from one of her training sessions this year), Dream has just started competing and is proving very responsive and fast (a video of one of his training sessions at 16 months can be seen here, he's also had a second in grade 3 agility recently), we also hope to trial him in herding (a video of one of his early goes in herding is available here), and possibly obedience if time allows. They have both done very well in conformation also: Fëa won Undergraduate Bitch at Crufts in 2013, Dream has won well at championship shows.

Both dogs are a pleasure to live with — very easy going and very trainable. They both have a lot of drive within their disciplines, and we are expecting their puppies to share their biddability and drive. We would therefore prefer homes where the pups will get to do something, be it agility, obedience, herding, flyball ... while they both like their showing, they really light up when they come across a few jumps! We have 6 black & white puppies, 3 boys and 3 girls all CEA, CL, TNS, MDR1 and cobalamin malabsorption normal by parentage. Both parents have low hip scores, Dream's being 4/4 and Fëa's 5/4. More details of both parents can be seen on their pages.

Anadune Dare To Dream AW(B) to Wildblue Soulsearch At Anadune AW(S) (Imp)
Dream stand Fea stand
Dream moving Fea moving
Dream herding Fea herding