Litter out of Gala by Aragorn born 31 Dec 2008

Puppy growing up

Trio, Anadune All For One, now has new own webpage.

Puppy at eight weeks

Trio's last week at our house involved doing some new things: getting used to being in a crate (her Mum wasn't impressed at being shut in with a major teeth-ed one), having a bath, and getting used to her new collar. She still managed to fit in lots of time for playing though!

Puppy at seven weeks

Puppy at six weeks

Puppy at five weeks

Puppy at four weeks

Puppy at three weeks

Puppy at two weeks

The little girl, is no longer that little! As she's the only pup, she's getting all the goodies, and is fairly large... She's just opened her eyes, and has had some rather wobbly (but fairly successful) attempts at walking. Squeaking continues :)

Puppy at one week

Our little girl has doubled in size, and seems to be doing really well. However, we are very much worried about her, as all of our other dogs appear to have a stomach bug, and there isn't much the vets can do to stop the spread. Puppies don't do well with stomach bugs. She's completely unaware of the danger that surrounds her, and is happily eating, sleeping and zooming across the whelping box (and squeaking).


Although Gala was carrying three puppies (all classically marked, black and white girls), we only have one puppy which survived the birth. I will be eternally grateful to Julie, for leaving work to come and help, Chris for support, and to Debbie for fronting the first "help" phone call. The surviving puppy does appear to be very mobile and squeaky (!) so we're hoping that Gala will have at least the one to look after. She's being a very good Mum — she does not like being hot, but she continues to lie on the heating pad as she knows that puppy's happier there!