Litter out of Gala by Aragorn born 18 March 2010

3.5 years

One of Drifter's runs in Excellent B, June 2013, he came 4th and his older (full) sister Trio came 3rd — the pair of them are doing very well!

3 years

2013 looks to be his year — Drifter is now Anadune Born To Walk Alone AX AXJ BN!

2 years

Drifter won his class at his first agility show in February 2012 (a video of his jumping run from the end of March), and won his class at his first obedience show in March 2012.

1 year

6 months

Drifter at eight weeks

Puppy at seven weeks

We've found him a playmate! A little 11 week old Corgi pup's come to visit a friend, so our little guy's finally getting to play with a puppy. She's not quite as excited about seeing another puppy — she grew up with siblings...

Puppy at six weeks

Now the weather's better, the little pup's getting to go outside — because he has no siblings, we're making sure that he's getting plenty of interaction with the adult dogs. He's definitely enjoying the outside world!

Puppy at five weeks

Puppy at four weeks

Puppy at two weeks

Puppy at one week


We had an x-ray done, which showed only one large puppy.