Litter out of Eowyn by Am Grand Ch Winpara Dragonfire RN CGC (Brayden) born 26 November 2010

I am extremely grateful to everyone who made Eo's litter possible: Marty and Denny, Mark and Marie, Julie, Dave, Cindy and Bri and everyone who helped socialize the little guys. And of course Noel, for letting us use Brayden.

Buffy, Anadune Chosen One, and Scheme, Anadune Colour Scheme, have their own pages. Photos of the other puppies will appear below as we get them from their owners — updates are always appreciated.

Summer 2012

Mahti (Anadune Completely Awesome) gets his first CC (on his way to being a Finnish champion), and both Mahti and Jasper (Anadune Cream Of The Crop) become Dads for the first time. River (Anadune Cool And Gentle River) goes to her first USDAA trial.

Spring 2012

Lots to update! Both Mahti (Anadune Completely Awesome) and Jasper (Anadune Cream of the Crop) hips: A/A. All the pups are really looking much more mature, as the photos below show. And some are starting their agility careers, River (Anadune Cool and Gentle River)'s first agility run at a show in March 2012 can be viewed here — she's definitely got lots of drive!

Nine months

Eight months

Seven months

Six months

Our puppies have started going to their first shows, and we couldn't be more proud of how they are doing. Jasper (Anadune Cream of the Crop) gets 2nd and Very Promising under Heidi Poschacher at the Raduno Casella show in Italy. Mahti (Anadune Completely Awesome) wins 5-7 months male baby puppies class, and Best Male Puppy under Robert Tunnicliff at the BC specialty Show 2011 in Finland.

Five months

Four months

We have had some photos of the puppies since they've gone to their new homes!

Sixteen weeks

Fifteen weeks

Thirteen weeks

Twelve weeks

Eleven weeks

Puppies had a bath! Scheme and River have both gone to their new homes, so it's just Mahti, Jasper and Buffy left.

Eight weeks and four days

Eight weeks

River, Anadune Cool and Gentle River, left for her new home today, so we took a few more photos of her than usual!

Seven weeks

Six weeks

This time it was golden red boy 1 who was having some trouble standing properly, so had to have a bit of help! We'll be working on that over the next week...

Five weeks and six days

Attempts at getting some movement videos of the pups — some worked better than others, and all the pups were a little suprised about the snow that started appearing at the beginning of the video session. Each photo links to an MPG video (click on photo to view).

Five weeks

Another set of stacked shots — this time, we forgot to run a hand over the back of the pups to get the tails in the right position! And the fronts are a little all over the place, but they're not in real life.

Four weeks and four days

Four weeks and three days

As all the puppies will be expected to be in crates at least some of the time, they've had a house redesign again: a metal and a little airline crate to get used to. They quite like them!

Four weeks and two days

Puppies are being introduced to all the other dogs in the house — Gala thinks one of the pups must be hers. (And she's probably wondering where the other guys' mothers are, as she's prone to just having one puppy at a time...)

Three weeks and four days

Three weeks and four days

Three weeks and three days

Three weeks and one day

Their first stacked photos. OK, they're only 3 weeks old, so we had some trouble with these. In particular, the poor, little black boy just wouldn't relax :(

Three weeks

Two weeks and six days

Two weeks and five days

Two weeks and four days

Two weeks and three days

A remodel! Last night, all the puppies decided to start escaping (see yesterday's photos). Taking out the rails didn't help (you can stand on top of your siblings quite nicely and get out), so the little pups have been moved to a plain puppy pen.

Two weeks and two days

Two weeks and one day

Two weeks!

The puppies are starting to play — I was trying to get a photo of a yawn, hence all the open mouths...

One week and six days

My friend Mark came over to take the little guys' photos — while most of the puppies are now walking, trying to stack them wasn't really that much of an option, so we ended up with some really pretty guinea pig images :) The second golden red boy and the black & white boy are still in the process of opening their eyes.

One week and three days

The second black & white girl has eyes! Nice dark ones. And she, and the first golden red boy are walking already. Everyone else is wobbling around.

One week and two days

One week and one day

One week!

Seven days

Six days

Five days

Four days

Three days

Some pictures of the boys. The black & white boy likes being upside down a lot!

Two days

Unfortunately we have had to have the little golden red & white girl put to sleep today as she just wasn't doing well. However, everyone else is gaining weight nicely and they're all really active (well, they're Border Collies!).

One day


Our six puppies were born between 2:30am and 5:12am. Photos below in order of appearance. My greatest thanks go to Julie, who got woken up at 1:30am with "I think her water's broken...", and who then had to go to work after Eo was done. The last girl hasn't been gaining weight quite as well as the others, so we're keeping a close eye on her.

One week to go

Her temp's normal, she's got some early colostrum already, according to the vet she's looking great and she's carrying ... six babies! They looked quite packed in on the x-ray, I think they'll be quite pleased to get out (and she'll be quite thrilled too I reckon!). She doesn't look it on the photo, but she is much bigger than she was. Her weight was just over 20kg (that's about equivalent to gigantic for her).

Two weeks to go

Eo's booked in for an x-ray on the 23rd November. She's definitely pregnant now: they're moving around, and there is definite kicking!

Parents (litter pedigree)

Am Grand Ch Winpara Dragonfire RN CGC to Avatar Bayshore Lady Of Rohan NA NAJ NF PT CGC
Brayden stand Eowyn stand
Brayden moving Eowyn moving