Litter by Aragorn born 3rd June 2009 (bred by Cloverdale)

NEW July 2011: The pups start getting their first titles (updates below).


Brady has her breed Championship and has proven herself as a brood bitch — she has produced two group winners, including the breed's youngest group winner Am Ch Cloverdale 'n Lacey's Zip It!. All of Brady's litters are temperament tested, with the last litter temperament testing the best that Carol's ever bred. Aragorn's details can be found on his webpage — he is from conformation lines, but the love of his life is agility and he is eligible for World Championship tryouts in the UK. He also enjoys his obedience and herding, although once he achieved a high level in agility, we dropped his other discipines to give us more time to concentrate on his agility. He has been shown in conformation in the States on a limited basis (three shows so far!), and has points towards his championship — we intend to campaign him more from now on.

Parents (litter pedigree)

Miraje Dunedain Ranger At Anadune AW(S) Nov Ex OA NAJ NF CGC to Am Ch Cloverdale Bradaigh Cailin
Ara stand

Post-puppy updates

A highly versatile litter: Cloverdale Come To The Party got her CD in July 2011, Cloverdale Barra Briant passed his CGC in March 2012, and Cloverdale N' Godiva Kaitlin Mckenzie started collecting agility titles in 2012 and got her championship in 2013.


2011 updates

Lindsy, Cloverdale Come to the Party, gets her CD in July. Godiva, Cloverdale N' Godiva Kaitlin Mckenzie is building up her points towards her championship as well as training for her agility career. She's fast and tight turning. Just need to work out how to get some videos of her on here!

Puppies at seven weeks


Puppies at five weeks


Puppies at four weeks


Puppies at three weeks

All the pups are enjoying their daily cuddles, and are beginning to climb out of their little pool, so have had to be enclosed a little better!


Puppies just born

All puppies are black & white, beautifully marked. There are four pups: two dogs and two bitches (two more female pups were born, but unfortunatelly they didn't make it — three pups seemed to be very close together on the x-ray taken last week, and Carol wonders if that had something to do with this, as they were very skinny).