Anadune Dark Desire AW(B)


Sire: Int Ch Simaro Bruce Darnell
Dam: Avatar Bayshore Lady Of Rohan OA NAJ NF PT CGC
DoB: 13 October 2012
Colour: Black & White
Hips: BVA 7/4
Health: Genetically normal for CEA, TNS, CL, degenerative myelopathy, malignant hyperthermia, cobalamin malabsorption (IGS) and MDR1. BAER hearing tested normal. Goniodysgenesis passed.

NEWAugust 2016: Raven became a mum to 4 puppies!

Raven is a very happy little girl: she likes her training sessions, and was the first to learn words for actions, and flops nicely from any position as soon as she hears anyone say 'down', is very keen on sheep and loves playing. Her ability to kill a broom is second to none ;)

As she gets older, she becomes more and more impressive: her enthusiasm for just about anything is amazing! She could have easily been called Kangaroo, as she is able to leap to an impressive height in the air from a complete standstill (she is not being encouraged in this!). Staying put is a concept that will take her a while, it seems — I think she struggles to believe that given all the fun things that she COULD be doing for you, you'd want her to not do any! The shorter version of her name, Rave, fits her perfectly.

So far, she's been enjoying the conformation rings and gets to see all the other types of shows with the rest of the gang. A video of her Crufts qualifying go at her first show (aged 6 months) is available here. She has started her agility training and is doing very well for the amount of training she's had! She's very quick and very responsive: a video of her at 16 months is available here. She started 2015 as a grade 5, and finished as a grade 7 — champ classes, here we come!