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Our dogs

Most importantly, our dogs are pets — they all live in the house, go for walks, play with children and enjoy their cuddles! In addition, they get to do as much or as little 'work' as they enjoy: Aragorn loved his obedience (and he was a huge fan of agility until I had to say that enough was enough due to injuries), but still enjoys his walks with the rest of the gang. Gala competed in breed showing (lots of food!), agility, obedience and herding, but now, aged 11, sticks to her walks with the 13 year old Ara. Eowyn is a very natural herding girl, but has enjoyed her time in obedience and conformation rings too. Eo's children, Buffy and Dream help out on a local sheep farm (along with Eo), while Raven and Fëa, occassionally joined by Dream, compete in agility at the highest level. Raven's baby, Pip is showing a lot of talent in herding, has done incredibly well in conformation, and is also enjoying her agility training and we hope that in 2019, she'll be joining her mum at some agility competitions too!

We aim to breed dogs with a solid temperament, which are suitable for any discipline, be it breed showing, agility, obedience, or herding. Healthy dogs are very important to us — this is the reason we started the Anadune Border Collie Database which allows breeders to check that planned matings are free of hereditary diseases.

We take a long time over deciding on possible stud dogs, making sure they complement the girls in every way. The dogs in the Anadune kennel are a mixture of New Zealand, Australian and English lines, and we research the dog's background thoroughly before signing them up for the job! Please take a look at the puppies page if you are interested in owning an Anadune puppy: we are planning a litter in 2019, and there may be further puppies by Dream in the future.