Litter out of Am Ch Anadune Chosen One (Buffy) by Deu Ch Flash N Thunder From Borders Paradise (Flash) born 1 June 2017

Six weeks and four days

Six weeks and three days

Six weeks and two days

Hearing test day: all passed ☺ A very nice experience for the puppies, who found it intriguing and noone was worried at all. And they got extra fusses off more people!

Six weeks and one day

Lots of tongues — perhaps using squishy cheese wasn't the best idea! (But they liked it.)

Six weeks

Five weeks and six days

Five weeks and five days

Five weeks and four days

Five weeks and two days

Five weeks and one day

Five weeks

Thank you to Jill for her help with the photos!

Four weeks and six days

Four weeks and five days

Four weeks and four days

Four weeks and three days

Four weeks and two days

Four weeks and one day

Four weeks

Three weeks and six days

Three weeks and five days

Three weeks and four days

Three weeks and three days

Three weeks and two days

Three weeks and one day

Three weeks

Two weeks and six days

Two weeks and five days

Two weeks and four days

Two weeks and three days

Two weeks and two days

Two weeks and one day

Two weeks

Major events today: wormer, pedicures and individual photos! Everyone's eyes are very much open, there's a lot of wobbling about on four legs too.

One week and six days

One week and five days

One week and four days

One week and three days

One week and two days

One week and one day

One week

Six days

Five days

Four days

Three days

The puppies were working on symmetry today!

Two days

One day


Buffy's 4 puppies took a long time to arrive, first one coming at 3am, last at 2pm. Photos below in order of appearance. Thanks to Peak Vets for the support they gave throughout (and appologies for waking the on call vet up at 5am!) allowing Buff to give birth to all of them naturally at home.

Information about the litter

Parents (litter pedigree)

Buffy gave birth to four puppies, 2 boys and 2 girls, by the gorgeous show and agility dog Deu Ch Flash N Thunder From Borders Paradise (Flash) at the very end of May / start of June 2017 (pregnancy has been confirmed by ultrasound). Buffy's main job, after she did a bit of breed showing (she got her american championship at 9 months and 2 days and won very well in the classes in the UK), is helping out on the farm — while she'd naturally prefer the easier sheep, she'll move even the most difficult lot when told to (a video of her working at 20 months can be seen here). Buffy often works together with her mum, Eowyn, at which point Buffy pushes on the flock while Eo covers the hillside. Buffy is also agility trained and has done bits and pieces of obedience, so she can demo her skills to anyone interested — she's very toy motivated and keen to please.

Buffy is quite a lively dog, she'll do the most running of all my dogs when out on a walk, but she does settle nicely at home and usually puts herself well out of everyone's way, so she can see things but isn't a nuisance. She's very fast and biddable, she has been very easy to train. We went to meet Flash before deciding to use him (as he lives in Germany), and he was as lovely in real life as was on videos. Happy to welcome people (and Buffy ☺) into his home, he is a lovely pet at home. On an agility course, he is fast and has a nice jumping style. Some videos of him are available here and here. Puppies from Buffy's first litter are all very trainable with lovely temperaments. We are expecting the pups from this litter to be fairly high drive, but very biddable, and would therefore prefer homes where the pups will get to do something, be it agility, obedience, herding, flyball ... Puppies will be CL and TNS normal by parentage, and will be unaffected by CEA. Their parents have had numerous health tests (I can supply a long list!), more details of both parents can be seen on their pages.

Deu Ch Flash N Thunder From Borders Paradise to Am Ch Anadune Chosen One
Flash stand Buffy stand
Flash head Buffy head
Flash move Buffy moving
Flash jump Buffy herding