Wildblue Soulsearch At Anadune AW(S)


Sire: Am Ch Wildblue Caoirean
Dam: Bayshore Avatar Soulbound
DoB: 19 January 2011
Colour: Black & White
Health: Normal for TNS, CL and CEA by parentage, DNA tested normal for cobalamin malabsorption (IGS) and MDR1. BAER hearing tested normal. Goniodysgenesis passed.
Hips: BVA 5/4, OFA Prelim Good

Fëa (meaning "soul" in Elvish, pronounced "Fay-ah") joined us in the UK in 2012 — she had quite the trip, making her very well travelled (plane, train, ferry, train, tube, train, bus...). Despite not having had a huge amount of exposure prior to her big trip, she coped very well and has adjusted to life in the UK very nicely.

After she moved to the UK, we let Fëa take things at her own speed, and she proved to be very trainable and is enjoying agility training, as well as getting to go out to all the shows with the rest of the gang. She has only done a very limited number of shows, but she's been winning at champ shows (including winning undergraduate bitch at Crufts 2013) and seems to be really enjoying things in the ring! She also started going to agility shows in 2014 and is now grade 7 — you can always tell when Fëa's running, as she likes to squeak!

Fëa is a real sweetie; she's making up for having been a kennel dog (she's now very much an indoor pet), and likes to make sure that she's got her people near her: she prefers to be squished up next to someone if at all possible.

She had a lovely litter at the end of 2014 to our Dream, Finn stayed in co-ownership on the farm Dream helps out on and the remaining pups went to working homes of some kind (herding, agility etc), some with a showy sideline, so we hope to see them all around the shows for many years to come. They are all looking very biddable and drivey — exactly what you want in a future working dog!

She had a second (and last) litter at the end of 2018, from which we have kept her daughter Limit. There were nine puppies in total, all of which have gone to homes where they'll be kept active and I'll hopefully get to see them all sometimes! Everyone's been very pleased with their Fëa babies — they've fitted in very quickly in their new homes and have been enjoying all the bits of training their owners have started doing with them.