Litter out of Anadune Great Expectations (Pip) by Sh Ch Madeleys Time Challenger (Zeb) born 22 July 2020

One week and 6 days

One week and 5 days

Girl number 2 wins the race for a shiny pair of eyes!

One week and 4 days

A video of mummy coming back - there's a bit of lift off to our movement now, and we find our way to the right spot a lot quicker if we go the wrong way to start with!

One week and 3 days

One week and 2 days

One week and 1 day

One week

Day 6

Day 5

Day 4

Day 3

Day 2

Day 1

It was hard work, getting Pip to go out for a wee!


Pip's puppies were born between 6:50am and 9:56am. Photos below in order of birth. Thank you Corinne for not complaining about an early morning phone call!

Information about the litter

Parents (litter pedigree)

We are incredibly grateful to have been allowed to use Zeb (Sh Ch Madeleys Time Challenger). Born in 1997, I only met him once, but I absolutely loved his children. In the children I met, I saw beautiful, athletic Border Collies with lovely temperaments and drive. Many went on to have very successful obedience careers, and his son from the Jonjosam kennels went on to be an obedience champion. Some of his semen was stored and when the 2020 restrictions were lifted enough for vets to start doing repro work, I asked if there was any way I could use him, not really expecting the answer to be "yes". But the answer was a very kind "yes" and Pip has now been confirmed in pup to the lad!

Pip is an amazing dog to live with, I constantly feel grateful that she's in my life — she can do anything and she's such a pleasure to live with. She's had a go at many things — showing, herding and agility — and she's done incredibly well at all of them. Her Dad was a therapy dog and I'm sure that if she had the time (or more accurately, if I had the time), she would excell at that too: she is so appropriate with her behaviour. Bags of drive when it is asked for, totally calm when not. Upon meeting her at Crufts, prospective puppy owners (earlier litter) commented on her calmness and keenness to say hello. When they then visited us and saw her working sheep, the dog they saw was very driven, very focused on her job and totally unaware of any visitors!

She's very stylish on sheep, needs more work on flanks, but can keep a nice pace when asked. In agility, she's a natural jumper with lots of speed over straight lines but also very nice turns. Her competing time was going to start pre-litter in 2020, but that didn't end up happening due to all agility shows being cancelled. She said she'll come out with a bang after pups though! She has been shown on a limited basis — too many other things to do! — but has done incredibly well, winning Best Puppy in Show at her very first show (champ show) and going on to winning Border Collie Club of Great Britain's Puppy of the Year.

We are expecting a fair bit of drive from the pups in the litter, although they should have an off switch (that may arrive after the puppy stage though!). Our puppies are very biddable, keen to learn, and therefore we're looking for homes where the pups will get to do something, be it agility, obedience, herding, flyball ... Puppies will be CEA and CL normal by parentage, and will be unaffected by TNS and Border Collie glaucoma. Their parents' hip scores are very nicely matched with both parents' values being 5/4.

If you are interested in this litter, please email us describing your lifestye and the plans for your Anadune puppy. We are always looking for co-own homes, so we can keep dogs in our breeding plans while letting them have a family of their own, so please get in touch if you may be interested and we can fill in the details. We are hoping that restrictions will be lifted by the time pups are old enough to visit — if allowed, lots of puppy visiting will take place in Sheffield ☺

Sh Ch Madeleys Time Challenger to Anadune Great Expectations
Zeb stand Pip stand