Litter by Aragorn born 1 November 2007 (bred by Fenborders)


Jess has been lightly shown in breed and has her gold Good Citizen award. She is currently working Grade 3 agility, having won through from Elementary and has her Bronze Agility Warrant. She has had one litter previously, from which Fenborders have kept one puppy (Welly, Fenborders Northern Lights) who has recently started competing in agility and is doing well. Aragorn's details can be found on his webpage.

Parents (litter pedigree)

Miraje Dunedain Ranger At Anadune AW(S) Nov Ex OA NAJ NF CGC to Vimick Renaissance At Fenborders AW(B)
Ara stand Jess stand
Ara agility Jess agility

Post-puppy photos

As I handled Jazz (Fenborders Jazzmatazz) at her first ever show (where she qualified for Crufts), she now has her own webpage under the handling section. More photos of the other pups will be added here.

Puppies at six weeks

Some fun photos followed by stacked shots of all the pups — they are shaping up really nicely. They are mainly on solid food now, Jess just comes in occasionally to see them. She's not quite so keen on them when they start tugging at her tail though!

Also, all the pups went to Newmarket last week for their eye and hearing tests — all passed. They were very good in the car and really enjoyed the fuss they got at the AHT.

Puppies at four weeks

A few more photos to show that the puppies still sleep occasionally! They are all gaining weight nicely, all looking forward to their AHT appointment for eye and hearing tests next week.

Puppies at three weeks

We took the first set of stacked shots of the puppies — not an easy task! All the toplines are level, they just don't necessarily look it in the photos below...

Puppies at two weeks

All the puppies have their eyes open and they're moving around — here are some action shots (and yes, one has wondered off!).

Puppies at one week

Puppies are growing nicely, and Jess is being a really good Mum. Their half-brother (Welly is also Jess's son) likes to come and check on them too.

Puppies just born

All the puppies were weighed at birth and were between 14oz and 12oz — big puppies! They're all listed in the order they were born.

Jess looking pregnant

At four weeks pregnant, it was clear to Teri that Jess is pregnant, but the photos taken at 7 weeks are definite proof. Jess was also scanned at 8 weeks pregnant, as she was looking extremely large — the worry being a small number of huge puppies. Of course, 6 large puppies also do wonders for the figure...