Anadune Born To Walk Alone NA NAJ [Am]
Three Generation Pedigree

Sh Ch Miraje The Storm Lord JW
Black & White, born 16 May 1996, hips 7/4, CEA normal, CL normal, TNS normal
Sh Ch Caristan Moet Chandon JW
Black & White, born 20 May 1998, hips 6/2, CEA normal
Sh Ch Caristan Cointeau JW
Black & White, born 28 Feb 1994, TNS normal
Miraje Dunedain Ranger At Anadune Nov Ex AW(S) OA NAJ NF CGC
Black & White, born 14 Dec 2003, hips 6/4, CEA carrier, TNS normal
Multi Ch Beagold Mr Lennox
Black & White, born 6 Nov 1994, hips 8/12
Miraje Dallas Dreamer
Black & White, born 11 Mar 1997, hips 5/4
Miraje Feeling Blue
Blue & White, born 28 Aug 1994, hips 6/7, CEA carrier, CL normal
Anadune Born To Walk Alone NA NAJ [Am]
Black & White Dog, born 18 Mar 2010, CEA carrier, TNS normal
Multi Ch Borderfame Heart N Soul [Aust]
Black & White, born 13 Sep 1997, hips AVA-3/3, CEA normal, CL normal, TNS normal
Sh Ch Wizaland Livin' Soul JW
Black & White, born 20 May 2002, hips 2/3, CEA normal, CL normal, TNS normal
Wizaland Livin It Up
Black & White, born 5 Aug 1996, hips 2/3
Am Ch Wizaland Lady Of Lorien At Anadune JW AW(B) NA NAJ SSA PT CGC
Black & White, born 4 Oct 2005, hips 14/6, TNS carrier
Aust NZ Grand Ch Thunder Too At Clan-Abby [NZ]
Black & White, born 2 May 1994, hips AVA-3/2, CEA normal, CL normal
Sh Ch NZ Ch Clan-Abby Nz Kiwi Tina Maree [NZ]
Black & White, born 15 Jan 2002, hips AVA-2/2, TNS carrier
NZ Ch Trumagik To Clanscott [Aust]
Black & White, born 25 Feb 2000, hips AVA-3/2, CEA normal, CL normal, TNS normal

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